Collection: Remnants of Home Part 1

Black Mom: A vision of a Black Mother. She’s loving, serious, fly and present. Reminiscent of the 90’s and my love for the past. 

Mookie: The reimagining of time and space if Mookie was in Oakland and if Ricky Baker (star athlete gunned down in Boyz N the Hood) had not been killed but instead went on to run for Mayor. 

Oakland 1969: A Street in West Oakland, somewhere between the years 1966 (the year the Black Panther Party was established and also the year my mother was born) and 1997. A helpful hand reaches out to a little Black girl with a bag in their hands of “Free”. 

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Remnants of Home

Jessica is focusing on the beginnings of her family, starting with her mother and father. Both of them native to San Francisco, raised 3 children in Oakland.

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